Colorful Cleo – stamped color font

Hey there again,

happy to introduce my newest font „Colorful Cleo“ to you. These color fonts are a new technology which programs like adobe photoshop/ illustrator can view. They are .otf fonts which have .svg glyphs embedded. So you can write in a very colorful new way!

I made my font out of stamps I brushed with some fancy water color gradients. So every letter is unique and has a different color compared to the other!

Sounds interesting? Have a look at my new font on or on my online store.


Check out my newest youtube speedart video, how I design a monster tee shirt for some band merchandise, etc.

Interesting to read about fonts, typography and the texting thing did a blog entry. Find it here:
Font trends

By the way – now we are on the font theme – last week I released a regular b/w font out of my stamped letters on my two design resources linked above. Be sure to check this out, too.

So long for now!! See you

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