Reporting out of the studio

Long time ago since the last post. Last few weeks I was working beside some fancy handlettering things also on two fonts which I want to release on creativemarket. Lakewood is a script font, I created  with a pentel fudepen. It’s like a modern handscript font and will give your letterings in modern logos etc. […]

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Updates out of the studio

Hey there, these days I got forward into my procreate brushes. I designed NO. 3 and loaded them up to my new creativemarket store. You can get my brush bundle with four brushes for procreate there. If you’re interested, please have a look at this. Currently I work on some great logos in adobe illustrator. […]

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Retro Logo and schools youtube logo

Yesterday I tried me in designing a logo for electric business reclined to old vintage logos. Think the result is okay…  I experimented with some small regions of shadow in the typography. Also checked out the font finder tool in photoshop. This works really great and photoshop found some nice looking fonts from a picture I found […]

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Freebie: Rolled Ink Texture #5

Hi, I’d resume to my rolled ink texture. Here you can download number 5 of my textures made out of rolled ink.  Use it to bring some cool textures to your designs on illustrator or photoshop. You can use it free for private or commercial projects. In the .zip folder you find the texture in .ai […]

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Freebie: Rolled Ink Texture #4

Hello out there, my rolled ink texture challenge goes on; So today i’d uploaded number four of them. It’s a middle distoring texture for your recent projects. Like the others before: Feel free to use them for your entire work private or commercial. Both .ai and .png are in the downloadable .zip folder. Download: Rolled […]

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Freebie: Dusty Dia Textures

Hi, I’ve created this dusty dia textures in Adobe Illustrator for you. They are handy both in Adobe Photoshop and in Adobe Illustrator. In a known manner you can use them very easy. As you can see in yesterdays post for the LIAR pic I used them already. Feel free to download them from my homepage […]

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