Black eagle wallpapers

On this happy sunny sunday I’ve a new wallpaper design for you. Download them and set it as a new wallpaper to your devices. I like the dark backgrounds because, the apps come out very shiny in the foreground. Test it for yourself!! Download: Black Eagle Desktop Wallpaper (.jpg) Download: Black Eagle iPhone/ iPad Wallpaper (.jpg)   […]

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Freebie: Rolled Ink Texture #5

Hi, I’d resume to my rolled ink texture. Here you can download number 5 of my textures made out of rolled ink.  Use it to bring some cool textures to your designs on illustrator or photoshop. You can use it free for private or commercial projects. In the .zip folder you find the texture in .ai […]

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Freebie: Rolled Ink Texture #4

Hello out there, my rolled ink texture challenge goes on; So today i’d uploaded number four of them. It’s a middle distoring texture for your recent projects. Like the others before: Feel free to use them for your entire work private or commercial. Both .ai and .png are in the downloadable .zip folder. Download: Rolled […]

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Freebie: Dusty Dia Textures

Hi, I’ve created this dusty dia textures in Adobe Illustrator for you. They are handy both in Adobe Photoshop and in Adobe Illustrator. In a known manner you can use them very easy. As you can see in yesterdays post for the LIAR pic I used them already. Feel free to download them from my homepage […]

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Training sheets from Ian Bernard

Today i practiced with the training sheets which were created by Ian Bernard. I started with the serif capitals drawing with a sharpie. He also provides the lowercase letters on his homepage. The aim about that is to train or improve your handletterings. The sheets are ready to use. Only print and practice. Have fun. Download the training sheets

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