Lyrics Procreate Handlettering

On Nov 2, 2018 Silent Planet released their new record When The End Began. 14 tracks finest metalcore tunes insired me lettering out a word finding in the lyrics. For this one I used my newest brushpack for procreate "Marker Bois" and drew out every letter to get this nice textures. Intersted in drawing such … Lyrics Procreate Handlettering weiterlesen


Crayola Brushpack for Procreate

Hey there, when you're enjoying lettering with a traditional Crayola marker I have something amazing for you. Check out my Crayola Brushpack for the the Procreate app on the iPad. With this pack you get 5 different Crayola brushes to letter with. I used a "real" Crayola marker on my desk to generate and design … Crayola Brushpack for Procreate weiterlesen