Ruling Pen Brushpack for Procreate

I'm happy to introduce my "Ruling Pen Brushpack" for Procreate in this post. With these brushes you're able to imitate a ruling pen in a really cool way. Choose a brush and beginn to lettering your character. While lettering use different brushes for each stroke, so you're getting the special Ruling Pen feeling in your … Ruling Pen Brushpack for Procreate weiterlesen

Crayola Brushpack for Procreate

Hey there, when you're enjoying lettering with a traditional Crayola marker I have something amazing for you. Check out my Crayola Brushpack for the the Procreate app on the iPad. With this pack you get 5 different Crayola brushes to letter with. I used a "real" Crayola marker on my desk to generate and design … Crayola Brushpack for Procreate weiterlesen

New sets of Procreate brushes

Hi everyone, long time I didn't write something, so I'll use this one today to introduce some of my newest procreate brushes: These all are great resources for your Procreate app and are worth to check them out!! Go ahead to the store at or at to purchase and download them to your … New sets of Procreate brushes weiterlesen